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I need dental help in getting false teeth.

gtaylor1976 started this conversation

I am a 32 year old mom who works at home as a call center agent, and I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I am a normal outgoing person (well I was in my 20's) but I have dental problems that started from my teenage years with aneroxia norvosa and a family history of south teeth. My grandmother had soft teeth, and so did my dad,  and they both had false teeth. It looks in my my thirties the same is going for me.

 Now all I do is sit at home, I hardly ever go outside the house, only to get food and supplies. I am basicly a recluse, and I hate being this way. I mean i accept that i need dentures, but is there a any references that help low income parents in their thirties for dental treatment here in Ga? I just go over flu like infection two days ago from an abcess front tooth. I just need some direction where to go or some infomation where to call. I live in Byron, Ga.

 Thank you for you time,

 Gina Taylor 



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 in response to jules23...   Hey. I don't really know what to do.... I just got internet access yesterday, and while i can afford it i would love it to help me with one of my biggest problems.... my Teeth!! i need teeth.... not what I have. This is freaking me out, but if you could advise me or inspire me or what ever your help, that would be great!! Thanks.
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i know how u feel i am a stay at home mom to and i need help for my top dentures

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Good Day....thank you for taking time in reading this letter.  My name is Ron, 47 years old and from the Philippines.  It's been my life long dream to be able to smile and laugh openly, but because of my disfigured jaw and lacking teeth, i would always turn away from people.  

I really cant remember how i acquired this and it's beoming worse as i aged, leaving me nothing but self-diminishment.
Dental surgery is way too costly here in the Philippines and because i dont have the means for such operation, i'm looking for an institution who can help me find that someone with a good heart who can help me bring back my smile.

I would love to hear from you the soonest time and am sorry for the trouble.

Ron  ( )

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